High-throughput microarrays


Our small molecule, protein, peptide and antibody microarrays are advantageous tools for the high-throughput and multiplex analysis of molecular interactions.

The method of small molecule microarrays provides a universal screening of compound libraries consisting of different types of chemical structures, and the direct selection of the best binders to the catalytic site or the protein-protein interaction interface of target proteins.

The antibody microarrays detect precisely the abundance of many target proteins presented at different concentrations in the cells, biopsies or biological fluids. Both antibody and protein microarrays (arrayed purified proteins or crude extracts) can be used for multiplex and highly sensitive evaluation of the functionality of proteins, including phosphorylation, acetylation, etc.

Our methodology is particularly well suited for biomedical projects to answer to different questions step by step and which can’t be solved rapidly by other approaches. Several papers describing the applications developed or the results obtained with our microarrays were published in scientific journals.

PNX Array Technologies

Example of ProtNeteomix’ microarray applications to “anti-cancer Drug Discovery & Development” project.

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