Small molecule microarrays

New method was developed for screening small molecules against target proteins. It is based on non-covalent immobilization of various types of small molecules on a particular surface for simultaneous analysis of interactions with proteins in a single assay.

Examples of our small molecule microarrays applications:

  • assessment of cationic porphyrin interactions with human serum proteins
  • screening of compound libraries against catalytic sites of Penicillin Binding Proteins (project Eur-INTAFAR)
  • screening of compound libraries against protein-protein interaction interfaces of ErbB receptors (project ANR RIB 2007)

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Representative references:

Gyulkhandanyan A., Gyulkhandanyan L., Ghazaryan R., Fleury F., Angelini M., Gyulkhandanyan G., Sakanyan V. Assessment of new cationic porphyrin binding to plasma proteins by planar microarray and spectroscopic methods. J. Biomol. Str. Dynamics 2012, DOI:10.1080/07391102.2012.703063. Supplementary Material

Sakanyan V. Molecular interactions on microarrays. Eur. Biopharm. Review 2008, November, 74-78. PDF